Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Ink Droplets of Aerosol Jet Printing Technology

Source. Yu et al.

To date, aerosol jet printing (AJP) technology has shown more exceptional capabilities in printing electronics (PE). However, in-depth understanding of the aerodynamic phenomena of the particles and droplets transport intersection of the AJP system such as pneumatic atomizer, virtual impactor, drip collector, and deposition head remains unknown. Hence, this study aims to simulate and investigate the underlying inks phenomena of the printing process.


  • Keen interest and knowledge in CFD software.
  • Proficiency in English and Deutsch (written and spoken)
  • Able to work independently and efficiently with minimal supervision,
  • Self-motivated and hardworking.

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Art der Arbeit:

Masterarbeit, Projektarbeit


Informatik, Maschinenbau, Mechatronik, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen