Master Thesis at Siemens Technology in Munich: Optimization of robot trajectories for the handling of fragile 3D printed magnetic sheets for electric motors in a hybrid production


In electric drives, losses occur during energy conversion which can lead to heating of the machine and must be dissipated. Iron losses, which can be reduced by using Fe-Si electrical sheets, make a significant contribution to the total losses. Conventional electrical steel sheets are produced in multi-stage forming and heat treatment processes and then processed into rotor or stator laminations. Due to the rolling and punching process steps, the minimum thickness of the sheets to be processed and thus the reduction of eddy current losses is limited.


The Research-Group Functional Materials and Manufacturing Processes of Siemens AG (T AMM FMP) in Munich is working with the FAPS Institute to develop a technology for the additive manufacturing of magnetic sheets. This enables significantly lower sheet thicknesses and thus a further reduction in eddy currents, which cause the main losses in electric machines, especially at high speeds. A key challenge is the automated handling of the printed sheets for series production. For this purpose, a robotic strategy is to be developed as part of the master’s thesis. To goal of the works will be to develop a framework to generate robot trajectories with which the sheets can be positioned and stacked both in the green and sintered state using a specific gripper.


  1. Additive manufacturing
  2. Electric Drives
  3. Robotics & Handling Systems
  4. Robot trajectories & ROS


  • Development of a robot strategy for the handling of fragile 3D printed magnetic sheets
  • Integration of the robot strategy first in a simulation environment using Siemens NX MCD
  • Transfer of the application to a real robotic system levering the simulation results using ROS

Requirements and hints for your application:

  • Fluent English and German skills
  • IT affinity and confident handling of CAD systems such as Siemens NX preferred
  • In-depth understanding of geometrical transformations between coordinate frames
  • Knowledge building about different robot trajectories strategies and optimization methodologies
  • Onsite: Laboratory activities on site at the Siemens location Munich Perlach
  • Remote: Research and analysis activities as well as coordination in the student team and research group
  • Please apply via e-mail with CV and current overview of graduation to

Further information about scope and orientation of the thesis will be provided in a personal interview




Art der Arbeit:



IPEM, Maschinenbau, Mechatronik


Additive Fertigung, Handhabungstechnik